Choose the perfect Cutting Knife

Choose the perfect Cutting Knife: A guide

Mo Kassaby

If you're into camping then you must know that one of the many necessities you need to survive in the woods is a great cutting knife. Cutting knives are perfect for general and manual labour; they've been in use for years and have undergone numerous changes to better fit the different types of uses we need them for.

Although we mentioned camping cutting knives otherwise known as utility knives are actually perfect for any day-to-day manual labour whether you are a handyman moving cargo opening packages etc you need a good cutting knife in your toolbox or your utility belt.

Originally cutting knives were fixed blades with durable cutting edges for rough work which included cutting hides butchering animals cleaning fish scales reshaping timber etc today these knives now have extra features which include small folding, retractable razor blade which is perfect if you are in the construction industry they are also those that have been specially made for kitchen use which is a cross between a chef's knife and a paring knife.

In this article, we will be talking about the different types of cutting knives you can find on the market and their uses.

Manual Cutting Knife

Manual cutting knives are perfect for DIY purposes; they can be used for carpet cutting, linoleum, laminating floors, fibreglass insulation backing, or even to score drywall. These knives can slice through and remove grout from tubs and showers even from doors and windows.

Self-Retracting Knives

Self-retracting cutting knives are multi-purpose tools they have an added layer of protection which is a blade that automatically retracts when it loses contact with the material that you are cutting. This safety feature makes these knives perfect for; opening boxes, cutting cardboard foam, leather, and lightweight plastics.

Pen Cutters

These knives are perfect if you are into embroidery jewellery making or any other activity that requires you to work around tight spaces with small details. Pen cutters offer a whole lot more control and proficiency, you can put them to use on most of the same materials that we use standard cutting knives for but the added benefit of a pen cutter is that it can also be used for delicate materials like weatherstripping and vinyl.

Folding Knives

These knives are well-liked due to the fact that they have a portable and compact size, folding knives can easily fit in your pocket and have a blade securing mechanism to prevent the knife from opening on accident and they even include a nice belt clip. They can be used for a variety of things from opening boxes to cutting rope cardboard and lightweight plastic materials. All the knives are also perfect for opening wrap gifts so you should keep one handy for all those birthday celebrations, weddings, and any other event that requires the opening of a gift.

Final thoughts

Choosing the perfect cutting knife for you can be a bit challenging but really it shouldn't because the overall takeaway from this is the fact that cutting knives essentially all have the same purpose and use. To help you get around opening boxes, cutting paper, and many other daily manual activities you may get up to. So make sure you visit TMS packaging to get yourself the perfect Australian cutting knife on the market.