Five Challenges Businesses face with Business Packaging

Five challenges businesses face with Business Packaging

Mo Kassaby

Packaging products for your customers is something that one would consider to be an easy aspect of providing goods. But in the ever-growing eCommerce industry, there are many challenges to business packaging that are faced by many businesses and can be overcome.

In this article, we will be talking about the top five business packaging challenges that businesses face and the solutions to these challenges that you can apply to your business.

What are the top 5 business packaging challenges faced by businesses today?

Business is facing many challenges when it comes to packaging. The main reason why packaging should be a priority on your list of concerns is that your packaging is a representation of your business. Poor packaging choices can result in lower sales, reduced product quality, and higher costs. It is pivotal for the survival of your business that you make good packaging choices that will result in happy customers and a satisfactory service experience.

The most common business packaging challenges include: 

  • Product protection 
  • Recognition 
  • Sustainability 
  • Freshness 
  • Rising Prices 

What are the solutions to these challenges? 

  • Product Protection
  • Your packaging plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your products are safe and arrive at their drop-off location in good condition. Fragile products such as glass, make-up, or electronics require extra cushioning and sturdy exterior packaging to prevent having the product crushed or damaged during transit. It is recommended that air cushions and multiple packets in layers which are commonly used with potato chip packaging are put to use for the protection of your goods from damage.

    • Recognition 

    Nothing is more forgettable and unimpressive than a dull package. Having your packaging labels can help your customers in knowing what your product and product category is just by looking at the packaging. It is very important that you do not make your package design twin similar to other products because this can create confusion and show a lack of creativity. This is known as brand recognition. It plays a crucial role in your packaging because branding increases a product's worth by 20% in comparison to goods that do not have a recognisable brand. It's also important that when it comes to your branding you practice consistency so that way your customers don't get confused.

    • Sustainability

    Since it has been established that the world is currently facing serious pollution and global warming problems. Sustainability has become a very crucial practice in our everyday lives. According to research done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 29.9% of the content of municipal solid waste landfills is made up of product packaging; this equates to 80.1 million tons of garbage. This is why companies are encouraged to be more considerate in the kind of packaging that they use. It is important that your business uses sustainable packaging and fewer raw materials because this will in turn produce less waste and result in recyclable packaging material. Sustainable packaging helps your business play a role in reducing your carbon footprint. 

    • Freshness

    If you are in the food industry and then you have a very deep understanding of the importance of freshness in your products. Business packaging for the food sector needs to account for keeping products and goods at their peak until purchase or delivery. The packaging you choose needs to maintain your product's freshness so you do not experience unhappy customers who have received snacks or food that has gone stale and are therefore returned.

    • Rising Prices

    According to 2017 research it has been established that packaging solution costs rose in that year, especially paper-based solutions, and this was due to a rise in paperboard prices. 

    There are ways in which your business can survive the price increase and they include: 

    Reduced packaging 

    Redesigning can help in using less packaging. The reduction of the amount of packaging used means spending less on materials. 

    Sustainable packaging

    Practicing sustainability will aid in cutting costs because affordable recycled materials and lighter-weight products are used. 

    Lighter-weight packaging

    Packaging that has a lighter weight helps in cutting shipping costs because they are commonly associated with the volume or weight of the products. 

    Final thoughts 

    Another way you can improve on your business packaging and overcome the challenges faced is by having a reliable packaging supplier that meets all the requirements when it comes to providing business packaging that is suitable and effective. Try TMS packaging supplies where you can get reliable sustainable and quality packaging supplies for your business. Visit our website and browse our catalog which has everything you need for all your packaging.