Five unique uses for plastic wrap roll

Five unique uses for plastic wrap roll

Mo Kassaby

Plastic wrap roll is most frequently used for wrapping food or packaging but what if there were other ways you can put your plastic wrap roll to use in your household or your place of work? This packaging supply is as versatile as they come.

In this article, we will be discussing the versatility of plastic wrap rolls in the form of 5 unique ways you can put them to use.

Here are 5 ways you can use plastic wrap roll

  • Fix broken or cracked windows 
  • If you are into DIY then this is definitely for you. Every once in a while we all experience the inconvenience of a broken or cracked window that lets in cold air but if you have a plastic wrap roll in your house you can quickly make a temporary window cover to ensure that your house stays warm until the window is fixed. You can use the plastic wrap roll to cover your windows in plastic wrap. It may not look appealing but at least it will keep the draft out until you get your window fixed.

  • Store your cutlery 
  • Here is a more common use for plastic wrap roll when packaging or packing. If you are on the moon whether from office to office or to your home. You can use a plastic wrap roll to seal your utensils. This is a great way to ensure that you don't lose any utensils during Transit and it will make unpacking much easier when you arrive at your destination. Say goodbye to missing forks and spoons with this method.

  • Maintain clean fridge shelves 
  • Cleaning the fridge can be quite tricky and a not-so-fun task. The best way to keep your fridge shelves clean is by using plastic wrap. All you have to do is silver shells with the plastic wrap which will aid in reducing your fridge cleaning time. Instead of spending time sponging and wiping your shelves clean, all you have to do is remove the dirty, used wrap and apply a new and clean one in its place. Save time and energy with this method

  • Keep liquids from spilling when on the move 
  • This is an age-old trick that is also often used for kids' lunch boxes. If you are fond of drinks that have closable tops then you must often struggle with the contents of your bottle spilling out due to the lead not being as tight as it was before the bottle was opened. The best way to save your drain from wastage when you're traveling is by please send a small sheet of plastic roll wrap over the opening and closing it with the lid. This is also ideal for kids' lunch boxes if you pack your child a lunch box and they have a drink that has a lid use the same method to ensure that they don't spill the drink messing up their lunch.

  • Prevent your paint roller from drying out 
  • If you plan on painting your place anytime soon here's a trick to keep your paint roller from drying out. When taking breaks in between paint jobs cover your paint roller and plastic wrap roll to keep it from drying out and therefore becoming unusable. Save money,  time, and energy with this method. 

    Final thoughts

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