Pallet Wrapping Suppliers in Australia

Pallet Wrapping Suppliers in Australia

Mo Kassaby

Pallet wrap is a distinctively stretchable and flexible film it is often referred to as stretch film or stretch wrap. Pallet wrap is usually manufactured from recyclable polyethylene making it an eco-friendly packaging product. The manufacturing process of this product involves the use of heated resin which is then formed into a continuous film by using an extrusion process. Pigments and resins are present to provide UV resistance and amplified tackiness.

Pallet wrap is often used for wrapping, moving, and storing office and home cargo. It can be used for the protection of breakable objects like glassware, electronics, and gadgets. Palette wrap is also transparent, flexible, and water-resistant which makes it advantageous for domestic use like sealing and waterproofing boxes, keeping wood bundles dry, and resealing opened items like tins.

Types of Pallet Wrap

1. Cast Wrap 

Cast Wrap has amplified stretch and clean capabilities, it has a clear and glossy finish and is fairly easy to use. Applying and removing this pallet wrap is quick and quiet; its transparency makes it easy to identify, scan and document wrapped goods.

2. Blow Wrap

Blow Wrap is stronger and more durable in comparison to cast wrap. The stretch tack and cling abilities are advanced. It does not tear easily which makes it ideal for wrapping sharp-edged items or items with unusual shapes.

Pallet Wrap Suppliers in Australia

1. Omni Group

Omni Group is a packaging supply company that has been operating for over 30 years in the Australian packaging supply industry and has recently obtained numerous awards for its veg pallet wrapping solution. The pallet is called the fruit and vegetable ventilated pallet wrapping solution and was a commercial success. Just months after its introduction to the market Omni Group received two packing innovation design awards in the following categories: packaging and material components, transit, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Their Pallet Wrap range also includes; machine pallet stretch wrap, hand pallet stretch wrap, bundling wrap, and hand stretch wrap dispenser.

2. AWC (Australian Wrapping Company)

Located in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. AWC is known for supplying shrink wrapping pallet wrapping floor wrapping shrink sleeve applicators and heat sealer packaging equipment. It is safe to say that AWC is very well-versed in manufacturing different types of wrapping pallets. The company specialises in shrink films, shrink sleeves, pallet wrapping, flow wrapping, shrink sleeve applicators, and heat sealer packaging equipment.


SIGNET is a packaging supply company that has been manufacturing stretch film and pallet wrap for over 53 years. Their solutions range from hand wrapping to semi and fully automated pallet wrapping. They have a national team of experts who have helped deliver sustainable improvements to thousands of Australian businesses. The company's pallet wrap range includes cast hand pallet wrap, blown hand pallet wrap, bundling films, shrink film, pallet covers, and machine pallet wrap.


TMS is a full-range, family-owned, supply chain provider. The company has been in operation for almost 20 years and has grown into one of the leading transport managing services in Australia. TMS has numerous warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide and specialises in offering pallet wrap supplies for business across the country.

Thoughts on Pallet Wrap Suppliers in Australia

Pallet wrap manufacturing requires innovation and eco-friendly methods. This makes Pallet wrap the most economically friendly product in the packaging supplies industry.