Stretch Wrap Roll

Reasons you should use Stretch Wrap Roll for packing

Mo Kassaby

Stretch wrap roll, commonly referred to as stretch film, is one of the most convenient ways to protect and secure your items from personal use to business. It is one of the most popular packing materials, apart from boxes and bubble wrap. It's versatile and comes in various grades and colours. It can be used in the home, office, or virtually anywhere.

For personal use, stretch wrap roll can be applied manually, but for business use, it is advised that it be applied with a device or semi-automatic stretch wrapper.

This article will discuss why you should use stretch wrap roll for packing, whether for home, business, warehouse or office use.

Why should you use a Stretch Wrap roll for packing?

  • It reduces damage to your goods.
  • In terms of personal use, wrapping your items in stretch wrap roll helps decrease the chances of having them getting damaged if you are moving from one place to another. Now, if you use it in your business, you can quickly wrap your products securely and benefit from your load being more stable, preventing it from moving while in transit.

    Tip: for personal use, you can apply stretch wrap roll when packing to cover your lunch box and your water or juice bottle to prevent spills on your way to the office.

  • You can recycle it
  • If you are a pioneer for sustainability, this is a notable benefit of using stretch wrap roll for packing; it is easily recyclable. And you can get a reward in the form of money if you have managed to keep it clean for recycling.

  • It Improves Inventory Control 
  • On the business side of things, when you use stretch wrap roll for packing your products, it simplifies your inventory, mainly if you use a scanning system. You can use your scanner to scan products for inventory without having to unpack or separate products that have been placed together, saving time.

  • Improves your Shipping and Handling 
  • Whether you are shipping your furniture off to another country or shipping goods to customers, using stretch wrap roll for packing your goods makes the process of shipping and handling more efficient. It improves areas such as: 

    • Keep furniture secure and in one place to keep track of your personal belongings. 
    • Increased stack height: when Stretch wrap roll is used with angle boards, it benefits you by allowing you to stack your product or load on higher pallets, maximising your cube space for storing or shipping your product.
    • It's flexible: this comes in handy when you try to stack obscure-shaped products that cannot be stacked neatly and risk toppling over during transit. You can easily apply stretch wrap roll around the products you want to be packed together to avoid falling apart and getting damaged or lost.
    • Increased productivity in the workplace: using stretch wrap roll for packing at a warehouse optimises employee productivity because it is effortless and quick to apply when wrapping loads for safety. This allows employees more time on their hands to get on to other tasks for the day. 
  • Optimal Protection 
  • This is one of the main reasons why stretch wrap roll is favoured for packing. It protects products from environmental elements, which include dirt, dust, and moisture. This, in turn, keeps your products and goods clean and dry while maintaining visibility. Also, the UVi element within the stretch wrap roll will protect products from UV rays.

    Final Thoughts 

    TMS packaging offers various stretch wrap roll products for manual and machine use. Browse our catalogue to order your stretch wrap rolled or stretch film today in whichever quantity you like.