Stretch roll for packing

Stretch Roll For Packing In Melbourne

Mo Kassaby

A lot goes into packing to ensure that products and personal items are protected, and with it comes the many different packing products one can use to achieve this. One of the most popular packing products in use today is stretch roll.

What is stretch roll for packing? 

Stretch roll for packing is very popular because it is an adaptable, efficient, and effective packing method. It is often used for palletizing and unpalletizing loads, wrapping fragile items, etc. Stretch roll is primarily made from linear low-density polyethylene resins. 

This article will discuss why stretch roll is perfect for packing and its most common uses. 

What are the most common uses for Stretch roll/ Stretch wrap?

Stretch roll is used for several things besides just packing; some of them include; 

  •  Bundling

Bundling is when stretch roll is used for packaging products for inventory management, sales, and transportation. This is often for items such as tubes, rods, or doubles, as well as to combine small products making them bigger units. An example of this would be a bundle of tissue or paper towels. 

  • Product Protection 

Stretch roll makes it easy for customers to see products while protecting them against moisture and scratches. Items like picture frames are wrapped in stretch roll to protect them from damage while on the shelf. Sometimes they are also used to wrap boxes to keep them dry. This is a more common use for stretch roll.

  • Palletising  

Securing a product on a pallet for shipping can be pretty costly. The most cost-effective way to do it is by using stretch roll to wrap the product. An excellent method to get this done is arranging the boxes on the palate in a cube and wrapping the stretch roll around them.

What are the advantages of stretch roll for packing?

  • It is Cost-effective 
  • Compared to other packing materials, stretch roll is highly cost-effective. Stretch rolls for hand stretching have 25% to 35% stretch range capabilities, and machine stretch roll have 75% to over 200%. So using stretch roll for packing is a sure way to cut down on costs. 

  • Sustainable Packaging 
  • Stretch roll is recyclable; most are partially manufactured from recycled resins. Also, due to its stretchability, only a small quantity is often used, which means it lasts long and does not require frequent restocking. This makes using stretch roll for packing a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Moisture Resistance 
  • Stretch roll is effectively moisture resistant which is an excellent benefit for any product or personal items that needs protection. This benefit has made it popular in various areas such as general manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, and agriculture. Another benefit of using stretch roll for packing is that it helps protect items from damage through punctures because it is puncture resistant. 

  • It comes In various forms.
  • Stretch film is commonly transparent, but it also comes in tinted or coloured for those who wish to keep their products discreet, whether it's for preventing theft or even for colour coding when in storage.

  • It is safe 
  • Stretch film is very much safe when used on pallets compared to strapping.

    Final thoughts

    Using stretch roll for packing has proven affordable, safe, environmentally friendly, and straightforward. TMS Packaging offers a variety of stretch roll for packing and other packaging needs. Browse our catalogue and find yours today.