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The advantages of owning label printers

Mo Kassaby

There are various stages and elements to adequate packaging. One of these is the importance of proper labelling; most businesses choose to hire external services when it comes to label printing. If companies were to own label printers and perform label printing in-house, they would benefit from this move substantially. 

Today, thousands of producers, processors, and merchants worldwide manufacture their colour labels in their offices and factories to boost profits and revenues.

This article will discuss the benefits of owning label printers.

What are the benefits of owning label printers? 

  • Owning label printers leads to private labelling. 
  • Over the past ten years, private labelling has skyrocketed, particularly in the food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplement sectors. Studies have indicated that due to the product's increased apparent quality or value, most customers purchase goods with private label or store brand labels. Utilising in-house colour label printers, manufacturers may offer more consumers privately branded goods readily customised in low-cost, short-run label numbers, giving them a competitive advantage in the market.

  • Owning label printers allows you to print labels instantly. 
  • Even the greatest forecasting and purchasing procedures sometimes result in the packaging department scrambling at the very moment for labels. It might be difficult for manufacturers with numerous items to have the appropriate label in stock in the proper time for the product. This problem can be easily solved with in-house printing. The capacity to print the precise quantity of labels you need whenever you need them impacts much more than product promotion; it's a tool to boost productivity by producing labels on demand. Manufacturers can create labels instantaneously, switch packaging lines in minutes, and start labelling new products right away, thanks to in-house label printers.

  • Owning label printers helps with costs and inventory reduction
  • Short-run, low-quantity label printing is inexpensive in-house, enabling companies to replace inventory with lean, just-in-time manufacturing techniques.

    It might be challenging to estimate how many labels will be applied before items or label designs change, even with the most excellent inventory management techniques.  might be challengingAdditionally, due to the economics of conventional label printing, print shops must request the purchase of significant numbers of labels—typically more than you necessarily require. As a result, rolls of bought labels are constantly kept in stock. Labels stored for a long time may get dusty, deformed, or yellowed, and they may even lose their adhesive qualities. Before being utilised, the labels or even the products they will be placed may expire and thus be wasted.

  • Owning label printers helps with increasing production flexibility 
  • Typically, "back panel" labels with product-specific content and barcodes were printed in-house on a basic barcode label printer. In contrast, full-colour primary display labels were created off-site by a licensed label print house. By integrating the label printing process completely, in-house label printers have transformed the label printing process today.

  • Owning label printers helps with maintaining in-house quality control 
  • The packaging process must adhere to specifications set by outside auditors and upheld by internal quality management systems for businesses in strictly regulated sectors, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, hazardous chemicals, and, increasingly, dietary supplements and foods.

    For businesses in regulated industries where label modifications are expensive, label printers make it free to add or remove label material. Recent instances of legislative labelling laws that have prompted businesses to redesign their labels include new GHS chemical danger labelling requirements, stricter labelling disclosures, and country of origin labelling legislation. 

    Final thoughts 

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