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The benefits of smart packaging

Mo Kassaby

In the world we live in today, technology has become an anchor to many industries. This is because the workforce is facing an industrial revolution that requires businesses to do more to reach a broader clientele while maintaining quality customer service. 

This has affected numerous industries, including the packaging and e-commerce industries. This is where smart packaging comes in; smart packaging is the future of the packaging and e-commerce industries, respectively. 

This article will discuss the benefits of smart packaging and why you should consider it. 

Why get into smart packaging? 

With digitalisation came the increased and ever-growing pressures of the packaging industry. Thanks to the e-commerce industry, commercial products are made readily and easily available for consumers from the comfort of their homes. 

This comes with immense responsibility for the package's security and condition from when it leaves the place of business to when it reaches consumers’ homes. This responsibility is an expectation that builds trust with consumers when upheld. 

Conversely, there is economic pressure and fierce competition, and those who can produce quicker and more affordable will dominate. Last but not least, both manufacturers and distributors are under pressure from international rules. Various quality and safety criteria need to be met by them.

Smart packaging could serve as an equaliser in the centre of these demands, giving companies flexibility against these pressures. Smart packaging, for instance, is simple to trace. Depending on the technology, you only need a smartphone and the built-in QR code reader to get information.

The preliminary investment and adjustment period will be beneficial over the long run, even if we consider more complicated smart packaging options

The benefits of smart packaging 

  • It’s a time saver!
  • The type and number of items packed in a plastic stacking container or on a plastic pallet are just two examples of the information that smart packaging can be configured to keep. Warehouse personnel may swiftly locate the products they need for order selection by aiming a reading device at the packing materials.

    Similarly, customs inspectors can swiftly verify the readings from the handheld devices aimed at the smart packaging to the contents of a loaded truck after checking the cargo of the truck.

  • Allows real-time access & monitoring of goods in transit.
  • Theft and loss of goods remain serious problems for the global supply chain. Both the buyer and the seller can track the movement of the goods with smart packaging and get real-time readings from numerous checkpoints along the way.

  • Smart packaging ensures adequate transport and storage conditions for fragile and sensitive goods.
  • Temperature, humidity, tilt, and other crucial parameters for the safety of particular products, like food and pharmaceuticals, can be monitored using smart packaging.

    The sensors that are included in the packaging can provide real-time and in-transit data, allowing the buyer to verify that the required shipping conditions were satisfied.

  • Customers get access to in-depth product information 
  • In most retail establishments, QR codes are already standard. Customers may access all the information they require by pointing to their devices. However, printed QR codes may fade, and sticker ones may come off. This kind of code would be integrated into the crate or container using smart packaging.

  • Smart packaging reduces the risk of package theft and tampering
  • Smart packaging will be expensive until the market reaches a certain acceptance level. Therefore, businesses should ensure their packaging supplies are given to them after each shipment. The simplest option is to permanently record ownership information in the smart packaging, such as the firm name and contact information. 

    Final Thoughts 

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