The Pros and Cons of Different Stretchwrap  packaging

The Pros and Cons of Different Stretchwrap packaging

Shams Eneim

Stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is commonly used from Linear low-density polyethene (LLDPE). It is commonly used for wrapping items and keeping them tightly bound. It is also used to aid in the reduction of product loss and damage load tempering and the significant reduction of worker injury.

Stretch wrap comes in different varieties, some of which recently are also eco-friendly; it can be used for many different things as well. In this article, we will be talking about the different types of stretch wrap available in the market, their advantages, disadvantages and their uses.

Types of Stretch Wrap available on the market and their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cast Stretch Wrap

-Cast Stretch Wrap is manufactured by using a cast extrusion process. The process is continuous whereby a thermoplastic material is melted and extruded through a flat die onto a chill roll. This is where it is quenched and resolidified, the entire process allows for the cast stretch film to have outstanding clarity, require less force to stretch, have an increased resistance to tearing quietly unwind from machines and also offer extreme cling.

- Cast Stretch Wrap is available in both machine and hand grade.

- The advantages of Cast Stretch Wrap are that it costs less to manufacture, it is more popular, and the clarity allows for the products in the package to be seen while it is still wrapped. The film which offers a two-sided clean allows for the wrap to remain securely packaged.

- The disadvantage of this particular wrap is that it does not offer the load power that a blown stretch lab provides, it has low tear resistance which means that it can only handle a certain amount of force when used.

  • Blown Stretch Wrap

-Blown Stretch Wrap is manufactured by using the blown extrusion process. The plastic is melted and extruded through an annular slit die and then used to form a thin-walled tube. Is then introduced from a slight opening in the centre of the day to blow up the film similar to a balloon.

On top of that my ring is blown onto the film in order for it to cool down. This manufacturing process helps to allow the blown film to be more robust and highly resilient than cast film. The mechanical properties fused in the blown film make for a more outstanding load holding power.

- The advantages of the blown stretch wrap are that it offers a high stretch capacity; the blown stretch film is of premium quality and has a high degree of memory once it is stretched; this allows the product to stay better secured; the high-stress resistance is also a great advantage when ensuring products and packages with sharp edges.

- the disadvantages of the blown stretch wrap are mostly financial. Due to its significant and precise manufacturing process, this wrap is a little bit on the expensive side also it has poor clarity as a result of the crystallization in the manufacturing process

  • Pre-Stretch Film/Wrap

- pre-stressed film as it says in the name is a film that has been stretched or rather pre-stretched during its manufacturing process it is then rolled onto cores to then be sold.

- the advantages of using pre-stretch film/wrap are that it is safer and easier for the person applying it, it is recyclable and produces less waste which makes it eco-friendly and last but not least Pre-stretched film is strong, consistent and stable this makes it is highly reliable.

  • Speciality Stretch Films

-Speciality Stretch Films/Wrap are specially designed for individual and distinct packaging needs. They help with aiding in packing needs that other normal stretch wraps cannot. These come in a wide variety which includes; UVI Stretch Wrap, VCI Stretch Wrap, Wrap Anti-static Stretch Wrap, Opaque Black Stretch etc

-The advantage of Speciality Stretch Films/Wrap is that it caters to particular needs.

-The disadvantage is that you may find not all packaging supplies have them readily available for you.

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