Why adhesive tape is a great packaging tool for you

Why adhesive tape is a great packaging tool for you

Mo Kassaby

Much like bubble wrap, tape has been around for generations. It has been used for packaging, sealing, and protecting goods. Adhesive tape has seen a change in its appearance and even function. With a variety being offered on the market now, due to the brand continuously adapting to every industry it is used in.

In this article we will look into the different types of tape you may find on the market, and their uses.

Types of Tape You Can Find On The Market

Tape comes in different varieties for different types of packaging, sealing, and protecting needs. From sealing boxes to keeping things together and in place.

  • Acrylic Packing Tape

-- acrylic packing tape is most frequently used on corrugated boxes. The tape applies little pressure and instantly bonds to corrugated services which makes it the most popular type of tape used for boxes or ceiling cartons.

-- acrylic tape is clear office outstanding UV resistance and works impeccably in acute weather. They are also the most affordable type of tape on the market. Acrylic tape is also known to be versatile and recommended for numerous packaging applications. They are also applicable by hand or machine.

  • Hot Melt Tape

-hot milk cake was manufactured for high-volume applications it provides feels whenever it is put in place. This state has a high stick factor and is also very easy to unroll. It was manufactured to perform incredibly well under stress and strain. Identical to acrylic tape, hot melt tape works very well on a variety of boxes and cartons, especially those with a high volume of recycled material.

-hot melt tape is applicable by hand or machine and works great under the temperature range of 45 to 120 degrees F.

  • Natural Rubber Industrial Tape

- Natural rubber industrial tape has powerful adhesion capability and natural rubber takes work that works very well in a multitude of setting periods. This tape is notable for wide surfaces as well as packages that would be placed in extreme temperatures like heat cold and high humidity.

- the rubber options are often costly as compared to other box sealing tapes although they have natural components. They offer quality resistance to salt water, alkalis, dilute acids, and normal aging that comes with time and use.

  • Paper Packing Tape

- The greatest benefit I'll paper packing tape is that they are recyclable and have impressive adhesion. The types of paper packing tape available include reinforced gum packaging tape which has the ability to withstand high temperatures, water-activated paper tape that exposes any and all evidence of tampering, as well as high-strength flatback paper tape.

- Paper packing tape has a lot of benefits including being able to print on it. Printing on this tape gives you the chance to display important messages and logos without spending any extra on it.

  • Masking Tape

-Masking tape is very versatile and can be used for a multitude of applications that include lightweight packaging or painting. It comes in a number of specialty options like the outdoor version that has great resistance to sunlight, automotive masking tape which has the ability to resist the heat of up to 250 degrees for a period of time as long as 30 minutes, water and oil resistant industrial masking tape, as well as construction-grade heavy duty masking tape.

Tape is a very important element when it comes to packaging the varieties in which it comes in contribute greatly to how a package is received and perceived as well as how a company's reputation is upheld. Whether you are in the courier business and manufacturing business or packaging business you need to keep all your customer's packages together.

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