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Why choose liquid hand soap over bar soap

Mo Kassaby

Washing hands has always been associated with practising good hygiene. The debate over how to go about it has been ongoing for numerous reasons, one of which is which product to use: liquid hand soap or bar soap? This debate is yet to be settled, but liquid hand soap is the ideal product to go with, especially if you are a business owner. 

This article will discuss why you should opt for liquid hand soaps over bar soaps when washing your hands and practising good hygiene in the workplace or at home. 

Which is best, hand soap or bar soap? 

Bar soap 

We would be drawn to bar soap in the name of familiarity and loyalty to this age-old method of keeping clean. Unfortunately, science has advanced over time, and so has the resilience of some germs and bacteria; this has naturally led to the advancement of the products we use to keep clean. Thus the introduction of liquid hand soaps

Although reliable and affordable, bar soap is not ideal for keeping germs at bay. After a couple of uses, it’s also not very appealing to many. 

Reasons why bar soap may not be great for hand washing:

  • Bar soaps often collect bacteria and germs on their moist surface. Studies, however, show that no measurable amounts of bacteria are left on the skin's surface after using the soap, even if bacteria levels on previously-used bar soaps are somewhat more significant than on unused soaps. Additional studies have demonstrated that if many individuals do not share a bar of soap, a minimal number of germs can be further eliminated. This is why using bar soap in public or office restrooms is not a good idea.
  • In standing water, bar soap becomes slimy or mushy, creating a mess and wasting product.
  • Most bar soaps are prepared with chemicals and detergents created in laboratories, particularly for mass-produced items. The same is true of liquid soaps, though.
  • The pH of many bar soaps is greater than that of liquid hand soaps. Yet, due to rising demand, a wide variety of moisturising soaps with glycerin, oils, and other moisturising compounds are now widely available on the market.

Hand soap 

As we have evolved over the years, coming up with more convenient ways to stay healthy, it is only natural that even the soap we use to wash our hands be advanced to a better and more effective product. Hand soaps are increasingly gaining popularity because they are a very appealing and satisfactory product covering almost all areas bar soap lacks. 

That is just one of the reasons hand soap is a better option. Most people focus on the price difference, but cheaper only sometimes means better. Hand soaps can be bought in bulk at TMS Packaging, with an offering of up to 5L, an affordable way to choose the hand soap route of washing hands. 

More reasons why hand soap is a better choice:

  • Between users, germ exchange is decreased with liquid hand soap. When nobody touches the soap, there is very little to no chance that it may spread germs.
  • Since liquid hand soap has a lower ph than bar soap, it is kinder and better suited for sensitive skin. Also, because liquid soap can hold onto more than 30% of the skin's natural moisture, it is beneficial for dry skin.
  • Liquid hand soap never goes mushy, unlike bar soap.
  • It is simple to use liquid hand soap. These soaps are simple to use for both adults and kids and can be poured into bottles with dispensers.
  • Lather tends to be richer when soap is liquid. This is one of the reasons why so many individuals like it over bar soap.

Final thoughts 

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