Why Wire Buckles are an essential tool for packaging

Why Wire Buckles are an essential tool for packaging

Mo Kassaby

Wire buckles are a standard tool for heavy packaging and poly strapping; they are used to strap and secure products. Wire buckles are used to strap and secure things like; drums, crates, piping, etc. Wire buckles are used with a specialised tensioning tool to achieve this; they often tension PP, PET, Polywoven, and Cord Straps. They are made from treated steel wire that has a collision-safe covering. The strength of the attachment created by a wire buckle depends on the thickness of the buckle and its function.

Wire buckles have been used for years and are highly effective. This article will discuss different types of wire buckles and their uses. 

How are wire buckles used for strapping? 

Before we get into different types of buckles and their uses, let’s discuss a step-by-step method on how to use them for poly strapping. Those of you who do not know precisely how to use these tools will be covered now. Below are all the steps to follow for successful strapping.

Step 1.  Fold one end of the strapping in the opposite direction from you to form a small loop.

Slip the strapping through the middle of the buckle and slide the loop over the open end of the wire on the far side.

Step 2: Take the strap down and away from you, running it under the far side of the buckle.

From there, you will run the strapping around the package or pallet and back up to meet the buckle again.

Step 3: Make a loop with the open end of the strap again

This time fold the end of the strap toward you. 

Step 4: Pull the new loop up through the strap. 

And then, slide it on the open side on the near side of the buckle.

Step 5: Use your hand to pull on the strap's end to add tension to the strap

Alternatively, you can use a tensioner tool when more tension is required.

Different types of wire buckles and their uses

  • Phosphate Coated Wire Buckle 
  • Phosphate-coated wire buckles are popularly used in contemporary conditions to get polyline lashes. The phosphate covering adds grasp and high joint solidarity to get immeasurable burdens. Phosphate-coated wire buckles are known to be intense, dependable, and very simple to use. They can withstand any type of weather condition.

  • Galvanised Wire Buckle 
  • These wire buckles are also used for polyline ties. They are commonly used for packaging, recycling, waste disposal, etc. Their manufacturing involves being covered with zinc to slow down rust and erosion. 

  • Stainless steel Buckle
  • Stainless steel wire buckles are the most common type on the market; they are reliable and a trusted option. But unlike the phosphate-coated wire buckles and the galvanised wire buckles, this type of buckle does not possess the added advantage of a protective coating to ensure that it is usable in different weather conditions and will not be damaged over time. This means it is not cost-effective because it would need to be replaced often.

    Final Thoughts 

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