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Resealable bags are very versatile and convenient for numerous things. They are popular in packaging because they protect products and items during transit.

Because of their versatility, resealable bags can be used for numerous things, from marinades to protecting cell phones, and even as jewellery bags, the options are limitless.Creative ways to use resealable bags.

Use as an airplane phone holder.

Resealable bags are helpful, so many different things in regards to traveling more, especially if there is a limit to what a person can take on their carry-on.

Carrying extra resealable bags when traveling on an airplane is smart because resealable bags can be used as makeshift phone holders for your next flight.

Once you’re in your seat, follow these easy steps to use your makeshift resealable bag phone holder.

your phone inside the resealable bag and seal it; after that, open the drop-down tree in front of you, place the resealable bag containing your phone into the tray lip, close the tape, and trap the thicker closing strip between the tray and the seat.

Use it as a piping bag.

Resealable bags can be piping bags if needed. If you are into baking, this method of using resealable bags is probably familiar to you.

All you have to do is keep your frosting in the bag, seal the bag, and then cut a small corner of the bottom of the bag, squeeze the bag from the top to post the frosting out to the small hole that you cut in the corner bottom of the bag.

After that, you can easily decorate your cupcake or any dessert and refill the bag as often as needed.

Use it to marinate your food.

Resealable bags are primarily used in the kitchen because this next trick is also for the kitchen. These bags are ideal for marinating food because this method helps keep your hands from getting messy and creates a delicious marinade.

Your meat fully absorbs that.

You must put all your marinade ingredients into your resealable bag, seal the bag, and squash with your hands to mix it all until thoroughly combined.

After that, open the bag and place the meat or food you wish to marinate; leave the bag on your counter and let out as much air trapped inside the bag as possible before you seal it again.

Once you have sealed the bag, massage your food with your hands until it is entirely covered with the marinade. The last thing you need to do is place it in the fridge and give it time to come together.

Use it to store your used paintbrushes.

Resealable bags can be beneficial when you’re working in your workshop. When doing a paint job, chances are it’s time you have to wait for the paint to dry before you apply your second coat.

Your brush or roller is exposed to air, which may lead to drying. This is why you should use a resealable bag to protect your brush or roller from drying before applying your second coat.

This method will also save you water and mineral spirits that you would probably end up wasting.

Product Specs

  • QTY: 1,000 Per Carton
  • Protects and keeps items safe
  • It can be used for food, jewellery, etc.

Resealable bags are reusable and can be used every day

Resealable Bag

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