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Corrugated cardboard rolls are ideal for protective packing. They come in handy for those who need a versatile solution to protect their goods in transit.
The corrugated cardboard rolls offer the simplest way to pack and protect objects of all sizes and shapes and are 100% recyclable, have excellent shock-absorbing properties, and are ideal for small batch sizes.
The cardboard rolls can also be easily manually cut to the necessary sizes before being wrapped around items of various sizes.

What are the benefits of using corrugated cardboard rolls for packaging?

A cardboard roll can be used for a wide range of purposes. Flexibility is provided because they are not pre-cut. Corrugated cardboard rolls can be utilised for various products, irrespective of their sizes and shapes.

Compared to other packaging materials, they are relatively economical because the primary essential components are recycled and kraft paper.

They have shock absorption properties.
Transportation is a nightmare for many business owners because of the frequent shifting of goods and vibration that would damage the contents.
However, the damage is reduced further when the goods are wrapped, or the space is filled with cardboard paper rolls. This is so that the soft inner liner enhances stress absorption.

Corrugated cardboard rolls are environmentally friendly.
The paper pulp derived from birch and pine trees makes corrugated cardboard rolls. As a result, they inflict no harm and do not deplete the earth's resources.
It is also environmentally beneficial because they may be used several times before becoming worn out.

They reduce material usage.
Although the rolls of cardboard paper do not arrive pre-cut, cutting them requires no special equipment. It may be precisely cut to the product's dimensions, minimising waste.

Product Specs:
Sold Per Roll
Provides excellent cushioning of goods whilst in transit
Resists damages
Corrugated Cardboard Roll

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