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More often than not, industrial tools and equipment get completely covered with multiple layers of grease and grime that cannot be washed away with average soaps or detergent.
Over an extended period, the buildup of this grease and dirt leads to the deterioration of expensive tools, machinery, and other industrial services at a relatively fast rate.

This is why it is essential to ensure that tools and machinery are regularly cleaned and cared for using a heavy-duty degreaser.

What are the advantages of using heavy-duty degreasers to clean tools and machinery?

It deep cleans
Degreaser has deep cleaning properties; it is very effective when removing layers of grease and grime on tools and machinery.
When applied on surfaces containing stubborn stains, it chemically reacts with the grease particles, producing a deep, clean, leaving everything looking almost as good as new.

It is effortless to use
Using a degreaser is quite effortless.
You can spray it on your surfaces and tools using spray guns or dilute it in a bucket containing water and then use that mixture to rinse all the tools and machinery that require cleaning.
Primarily degreasers are made of eco-friendly components, so there is no need for protective gear when cleaning your machinery with this heavy-duty degreaser.

It’s cost-effective
Heavy-duty degreaser is relatively cost-effective because they can be purchased in bulk to clean various tools and equipment.
Since it’s such a quick-acting cleaning product, you do not need to use too much at a time, which helps avoid buying more constantly.

Product specs:
20 Litre
Natural digressing cleaning product
Ideal for workshops and garages that need to remove grease from driveways, floors, walls, cleaning tools etc.
Heavy Duty Degreaser

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