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Rubber bands have various uses across different industries and daily life due to their elasticity, versatility, and low cost. Here are some common and creative uses for rubber bands:

Binding objects:
Keep papers, cords, or other objects organised and neat by wrapping them up with a rubber band.
Seal packages:
Temporarily seal boxes or packages by stretching a rubber band around the edges.
Improve grip strength on slippery items like jars or bottles by wrapping a rubber band around the lid or cap.
Hair ties:
Use rubber bands for temporary hair ties for ponytails, braids, or buns.
Art and craft projects:
Rubber bands can be used in various arts and crafts, like making rubber band balls, stamps, or DIY bracelets.
Assist with gardening tasks:
Support delicate plants by attaching them to stakes with rubber bands or maintain garden tools' cleanliness by bundling them.
Prevent losing your page in a book with a simple yet effective rubber band bookmark.

Specialised rubber bands (such as those made for food or holding hair) may be more suitable for some uses. Additionally, rubber bands should not be used in certain circumstances, such as on electrical wiring, where they may pose a safety hazard. Always ensure safety and appropriateness when using them for any specific application.

Product Specs:
500 grams per bag
Perfect for home or workspaces
They are strong and secure that hold different items or documents together

Rubber Bands (Sold Per Bag)

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