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According to the various hazardous material regulations, it is required that packages that contain dangerous goods or hazardous materials require hazard communication. This communication comes in package markings and labels to clearly communicate how you say packages need to be handled when in transit.

Limited quantity package by air

Limited quantity packages require a label, and labels that communicate a limited quantity differ.

There is a limited quantity label specifically for packages shipped by air which is indicated by the letter Y outside of the package.

Limited quantity package by ground or ocean

Limited quantity labels for ocean or ground shipping are marked without the letter Y.

This indicates that the package is meant to be shipped by all modes except by air.

It is a clear communication that the package is compliant with all limited quantity requirements.

Required maximum weight of a limited quantity package

The maximum weight necessary for limited quantity packages, no matter the mode of transport, is set at 30 KG or 66 pounds.

Packages with the limited quantity label should be within this weight requirement, or they would violate this rule.

Other requirements for Limited quantity packages

The requirements regarding limited quantity packages by air, ground, or ocean include that if your shipment is transported exclusively by land, then the limited quantity label is the only hazard communication you need. But, if your package is transported by A or ocean, you may need additional communication, including documentation, hazard class labels, or other package markings. The best way to ensure that you successfully comply with the rules is by referring to the appropriate regulations.

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 500 Labels Per Roll
  • Dimensions: 100mm
  • Limited Quantity with Y Label 100mm 500/roll

  • Limited quantity labels indicate that the dangerous goods that are packaged are limited and exempted.

Limited Quantity with Y Label

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