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UN labels work for the protection and communication of goods. They are commonly used in the shipping of dangerous goods. They need to be dealt with with caution. These labels also played a pivotal role in ensuring that the goods' recipients were safely received.

To successfully use UN labels, you need to choose ones that meet the requirements. This way, your goods will be correctly labeled, and labels will be understood and adhered to.

UN Labels requirements

  • Labels must be durable, written in English, and affixed to the surface of a package, label, tag, or sign.
  • Labels must be displayed on a background of contrasting colours
  • The label must not be obscured by other labels or attachments
  • The label must be placed and located away from other marketing that could reduce its effectiveness

Product Specs

  • QTY: 500 to 1,000 Labels Per Roll
  • UN labels alert drivers and receivers of hazardous materials during transport.
  • Labels Available: UN1266 x UN1950 x a cat UN19
UN Labels

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