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Some work environments expose workers to toxic gases, chemicals, dust, and other inhalable hazards. Employers must invest in dust masks to ensure workers are always comfortable and protected. Although their called dust masks, these protective masks can prevent harm from inhaling several things, which makes them versatile and reliable in several industries and even at home.

When do you need dust masks?

-You need dust masks if you are into DIY projects.
-You need dust masks if you will be engaging in some heavy cleaning as one can be exposed to large amounts of dust, and inhaling the chemicals used for cleaning is unhealthy.
-You need dust masks if you are an art teacher or engage in the art of painting as a hobby. Paint fumes can be hazardous if inhaled for an extended period. These include fumes from painting in construction as well. So whether you are painting for fun or on the job, a dusk mask can go a long way.
-Dusk masks should be available for emergencies like accidental fires where people are at risk of inhaling smoke which is bad for the lungs.

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 24 Per Box
  • Ideal for protection against mechanically and thermally generated particles
P2 Dust Mask With Valve

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