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Protecting your packaging can be tricky, not because it’s difficult, but because there are so many options for void-fill products you can go with.

Luckily, TMS Packaging has a vast selection of void-fill products, and we are dedicated to ensuring you get as much knowledge as possible about each option

What are air pillows?

Air pillows are void-fill products designed to reduce your package weight, increase the safety of your packages, and more

What are the advantages of using HD air pillow film

An increase in protection and safety.

Air pillows are an excellent choice for keeping items in place during transit. They do better at blocking items from moving too much compared to styrofoam.


Air pillows are lightweight compared to other void-fill products. This means they can help maintain low shipping costs, which is a financial benefit for any business.

They increase flexibility.

Because of the variety you can find air pillows in from different sizes to various films, you get more options with this packaging method.

Clean packaging experience

This packaging option is cleaner because customers need not worry about cleaning up packing peanuts after unboxing. This is an advantage that your customers are sure to enjoy and appreciate.

Clean product presentation

In addition to the cleanliness of packaging with air pillows, you also avoid having your product look unattractive due to the void-fill product you used getting attached to.

Static electricity and the type of material your product is made from can cause packing peanuts to stick to your product.

Product Specs

  • QTY: 2 Rolls Per Carton
  • Excellent product protection and is space efficient
  • Ideal for protecting goods through transit
  • 100% Recyclable

HD Air Pillow Film

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