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At TMS Packaging we pride ourselves on our mission to provide you with quality packaging supplies no matter what industry you work from. Since the major boom in the e-commerce industry, packaging supplies have been in high demand and mostly the most convenient and easy-to-use supplies are what are needed, not to mention those that do not break the bank.

Although Bubble Wrap is ideal for providing package cushioning and safety it often comes in very large quantities which are not ideal for packaging smaller products. Packaging is all about making sure that the contents of your package are properly secured and the best way to achieve this is by using packaging supplies that fit like a glove.

TMS Packaging offers you the best packaging supplies for the smaller products or your e-commerce business, one of which is the Bubble bag. This packaging supply is compact and is great for protecting breakable items during shipping.

We use the best manufacturers to ensure that we give you the very best quality because we know that the Bubble bag is Mainly used when shipping electronics, beauty products, etc.

All of which cannot risk the inconvenience of getting wet or damaged when in transit, make-up pallets are very fragile as they can break or get smudged.

Our Bubble bag is highly versatile and recyclable, it is also lightweight which means you save money and you can also save money on the fact that it is reusable. Due to its ability to withstand great amounts of pressure, it is perfect for protecting extremely fragile products like glass. It is quite amazing how much pressure this bubble bag can take as it is also lightweight.

TMS Packaging also offers you great supplies for your packaging machinery. An example of this is our Poly Blue Strapping Machine Roll. Our machine roll is perfect for securing and strapping your packages to your satisfaction and that of your customers. Our material is very strong and durable and will protect your packages however your packages are in transit.

Our Poly Blue Strapping Machine Roll can be used in any strapping machine. Using Poly Blue Strapping Machine Roll for your packages helps to ensure that they will not be tampered with because once unsealed they cannot be resealed.

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