TMS packaging offers you a one-stop solution to all your packaging needs, whether it is for protecting and securing your packages and goods or simply just for ensuring that you and your customers are satisfied with the condition in which your products arrive at a destination after being in transit. Our Stretch wrap roll is a great packaging solution for light-duty, general-purpose shipping and product protection. This stretch film roll is easy to use and helps create a custom fit around your packaged items.

We have ensured that our stretch wrap is ideal for protecting and securing your large products, goods, or items when in transit. If you are in the moving industry using our stretch wrap is the ideal way to protect furniture from scratching and scrapes during a move. It is also beneficial for holding drawers shut and preventing objects from moving inside drawers or dressers. This makes it perfect for not having to remove items from drawers and dressers when moving, which translates into a pretty neat convenience not only for you but for your customers as it reduces the risk of loss of property.

With the strength and quality of our stretch wrapper, industrial equipment can also be protected. Our roll guarantees a tight wrap that will stabilize moving parts and reduce the risk of damage to any expensive equipment you have in transit. The peace of mind of knowing that any machinery or equipment you may have insurance that will arrive at the destination without any scratches or dents. Appreciate the usage of the best stretch wrap roll available in Australia. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that we deliver top-grade quality for your top-grade business. Keep customers happy and your reputation spotless.

Make moving and secured packaging a breeze with our stretch wrap roll, we offer you a wide variety of stretch wrap roll for packing, stretch film roll, stretch paper, and many more. We also offer you the convenience of stretch wrap machines that make wrapping easy for you. Take a look at our catalog and shop for what you may like.

Types of Stretch Wrap We Offer Include: