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Double-sided foam tapes can be used for gap filling, packing, sonic reduction, thermal insulation, and temporary or long-term bonding.
They are available in various thicknesses, manufactured from open- or closed-cell foams, and coated with multiple pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs).
For user-friendliness, they can also be supplied kiss-cut on rolls, die-cut as needed, and labelled.

Shock absorption, vibration dampening, equalisation of uneven surfaces, and thermal sealing between substrates with various temperatures are some of the performance attributes of double-sided foam tapes.
Additionally, these tapes can be utilised as seals to prevent the entry of gases, moisture, humidity, and air.

There are numerous advantages to using double-sided foam tape; these advantages include the following:

It speeds up assembly cycle times.
Multiple screws or rivets may be needed to attach panels and other bulky components firmly. Assembly times are extended because drilling holes and tightening screws take considerable time.
Replacing mechanical fasteners with die-cut double-sided foam tapes eliminates labour-intensive tasks requiring hand tools, resulting in shorter cycle times.

Applying double-sided foam tape does not require training.
Double-sided foam tapes can be applied without any specific knowledge or guidance. Personnel protection equipment (PPE) is not mandatory for employees.
In contrast, a worker installing screws inside a utility trailer must know how to use a pneumatic drill. Secondly, the employee must put on hearing protection.

Reduces rattling.
Mechanical fasteners become loose and rattle as a result of vibrations. This is a significant issue in the automotive sector, where customers desire quieter vehicles.
A double-sided foam tape's core can reduce unwelcome vibrations and won't rattle.

Product Specs:
QTY: 3 Rolls Per Carton
Dimensions: 18mm x 33mm
High-bond Double-sided foam tape
outdoor and harsh environmental applications
Black Tape

Double Sided Hi-Bond Foam Tape

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