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Polyester tape is popularly used in various industries to create and protect surface seals. It is made from a highly durable plastic compound that is designed to stand in a significant amount of heat. The polyester tape creates a protective layer over the metal surface that needs sealing. Polyester tape is an excellent choice for binding powder-coated metal parts.

There are various reasons why polyester tape is so popular. These reasons include the following:

It’s easy to use

All varieties of polyester tape come with detailed instructions written on one side, which helps users get a significant amount of knowledge of how to use polyester tape without any difficulty effectively. This is something that other binding products do not have.

Easy to handle

Polyester tape is straightforward to handle. This is because it’s lightweight, which adds even more convenience and ease when using them. Polyester tape can help you create a high-quality masking job by bonding and cinching the material together using a hot glue gun or wax. This feature makes it possible to bind various materials, including copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium, and glass. Using polyester teeth can result in professional-level finish and finishing techniques.

It’s flexible

Polyester tape is highly flexible. It can be used in numerous ways and with almost all other binding products. There is great difficulty in sewing seams in different shapes and sizes while using other materials that polyester tape does not operate. Sewing tiny holes in the polyester tape are impossible because it has extreme adhesion power.

Still, this adhesion power comes in handy because it ensures that the team has the reliability and ability needed for various industrial applications.

It is used in various industries.

Polyester tape is used in various companies and organisations globally. It has an extensive range of applications that require high strength and durability. The polyester tape also provides adequate protection for electronics.

Product Specs:

  • Sold Individually
  • High adhesion to permanent mounting
  • Secure bond at elevated temperatures
  • Please contact us for pricing
Polyester Tape

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