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Packaging tape is crucial to successful packaging. With packaging and tape, boxes would forever be cleaner and easier to keep sealed for delivery.

This is because packaging tape is the most convenient and straightforward sealing product on the market.

TMS packing provides high-quality, clear machine Packaging tape to ensure that your boxes remain sealed from the moment they leave your warehouse until they reach your clients' doorstep.

Benefits of using packaging tape

They keep your package tidy.

Packaging tapes are ideal for business packaging. They can keep your package tidy because they can look entirely part of your package.

This packaging superpower is because the packaging tape used might be transparent, like our clear machine packaging tape, allowing them to be like camouflage against the brown colour of regular boxes.

Perfect for any temperature.

Another benefit of packaging types is that they can be used at any kind of temperature. This is especially effective with acrylic tape because they are highly adaptable.

Packaging tape can survive any temperature in direct sunlight or the dark; it is less likely to crack, tear, or lose its adhesion.

Their supply can be worked in conjunction with product assembly lines.

This is because packaging tapes such as hot melt tapes are swift and easy to set up on dispensers, which can help you package your boxes nicely and have them sealed very quickly.

They are resilient.

Packaging tape is designed to be resilient and last for a long time. Particular tapes like hot melt and rubber usually require to be changed often.

But other tapes like acrylic tape are long-lasting as they can keep your packages sealed for four months and sometimes years.

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 6 Rolls Per Carton
  • Dimensions: 48mm x 1000m
  • Provides excellent holding for heavy-duty packaging and shipping supplies
  • Pack and ship confidently due to perfect long-lasting range in performance

Ideal for general purpose, courier, shipping, and packaging

Clear Machine Packaging Tape Hot Melt (Sold Per Carton)

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