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Packaging tape plays a significant role in the sealing of packages and ensuring that nothing spills or fall out during transit. It also helps secure the package from tampering because if anyone tries to open your package, the tape will likely break, warning that the package has been tampered with. The type of tape you use also matters; various packaging tapes have multiple benefits that make them suitable for different situations. TMS Packaging provides a variety of high-quality packaging tapes that provide the best protection and sealing for your packages.

Benefits of Rubber Adhesive Packaging Tape

-This packaging tape is more cost-effective compared to acrylic or silicone-based tapes.
-This packaging tape can withstand moisture and humid environments
-Rubber adhesive packaging tape has a higher tack designed to provide an immediate bond compared to acrylic and silicone-based tapes
-This particular tape has a softer texture compared to acrylic or silicone tapes

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 38 Rolls Per Carton
  • Rubber adhesive tape is excellent for holding strength
  • Ideal for heavy packaging
Packaging Tape Rubber Adhesive (Sold Per Carton)

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