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Packaging tape comes in many different forms. Hand-packaging clear hot melt adhesive tape is assumed to be the most popular and cost-effective.
It has numerous advantages, including the following:

-Hotmelt tape is made from material that is less expensive than the one that is used to make packaging tape
-Hot melt tape can help with reducing costs depending on how it is applied and what equipment is used
-It is highly flexible regarding application because it has vast options and nozzle sizes
-It is ideal for usage on the assembly because the set time is relatively rapid
-It provides much higher structural strength, and it’s a deal for heavy packages
-Using hotmelt tape makes it easier for customers to open the package without having to use a knife or scissors
-Appearance-wise, it’s very professional because it’s see-through and blends beautifully with the packaging.

Product Specs:
QTY: 36 Rolls Per Carton
Dimensions: 48mm x 75m
Clear hot melt tape offers excellent strength to cartons during transit
ideal for high-volume packaging
Suitable for use with hand dispensers

Hand Packaging Clear Hot Melt Tape (Sold Per Carton)

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