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At TMS Packaging we offer you the very best in packaging supplies and we understand that everybody needs to have quality supplies when it comes to the hospitality & washroom sector of the workplace or even at home. Quality means a lot to us and we offer it to you in everything we do. Our Products pass the quality test, give our products a try for yourself.

We offer everything from hand towel to hand roll towel and everything in between to make your hospitality & washroom experience a whole lot better and hygenic. We have partnered with the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that we give you nothing but top-tier quality with these supplies. We all know that the hospitality & washroom supplies need to be made from material that is friendly to the skin and are highly effective in dealing with big or small messes in any space or area.

We have the best hand towel supplies for those moments when you need a quick spill cleanup, our hand towel supplies are soft and gentle on the hands. Our hand roll towel is of great quality and big enough for your employees, customers, friends, and family.

Hospitality & washroom supplies are not only used in the office but can also be used at home. Time in the kitchen requires clean and dry hands from beginning to end, our hand towel selection is perfect to keep your hands nice and dry after a good scrub before touching those pots. But better yet get yourself a hand roll towel that will last for longer and is made with the amazing quality too.

Quality hospitality & washroom supplies should not come at a cost that breaks your bank, which is why we offer you great quality at an amazing value for money. Stress less about needing good hand towels for those get-togethers, office parties, or guests. Stock up from us and let us supply you with everything you need to keep things nice, clean, and dry at a price that will make you smile.

Shop and browse our catalog for all your hospitality & washroom supplies grab a hand towel or two to ensure that nobody is walking around with wet or dirty hands on your watch or better yet grab yourself a hand roll towel.

  • QTY: 200 Sheets Per Pack (20 Packs Per Carton)
  • Dimensions: 225mm x 230mm
  • ideal for small to medium sized washrooms and kitchens
    2 Ply Slimline Hand Towel

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