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Luncheon serviettes are widely used because of their practicality and widespread appeal. They are straightforward to use and can be found in various places without much struggle. In the kitchen, serviettes are utilised for multiple purposes, including clearing up minor messes and the occasional drying and cleansing of the hands. Serviettes are a necessary dining companion when dining at home, in restaurants, or anywhere else. After washing one's hands, public restrooms and rest places could put them to use to dry off their hands. In the restroom or the kitchen, they are, without a doubt, the most convenient way to clean the dirt off your hands or quickly dry them off. You can use them for either purpose.

Product Specs:
QTY: 100 Sheets Per Pack (20 Packs Per Carton)
2ply Luncheon Napkins have been created with extra absorbency
Ideal for hospitalities, house gatherings and parties
2ply White M-Fold Luncheon Serviettes (Sold Per Carton)

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