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Anti-fatigue mats have various advantages. One of these is bringing down the costs associated with workers' compensation. It should come as no surprise that standing, working, and kneeling on hard surfaces can be gradually damaging to the health of industrial workers. This is one of the many reasons why anti-fatigue mats are so beneficial to workers' health. Mats designed to alleviate fatigue and improve blood circulation in the body (following the muscle pump hypothesis) are known as anti-fatigue mats. They also lessen the impact on the joints of workers by up to 50%, which in turn lessens the overall stress on the spine and makes for a healthy and productive work environment.

Product Specs:
Anti-Fatigue Mat Diamond Plate Gel
Dimensions: 900mm x 1500mm
Sold Individually
Diamond pattern embossed surface offers excellent traction.
Raised surface to improve circulation
Anti-Fatigue Mat

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