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Antibacterial Handwash is a must-have for public health and safety in public restrooms and communal areas like office kitchens. Compared to regular hand wash, antibacterial hand wash has more effective properties for killing germs and bacteria that are often passed on in these spaces.

Antibacterial hand washing is well-liked in various places, such as restaurants, malls, schools, etc., where people gather and will sometimes be exposed to food.

It’s better to use liquid antibacterial hand washes over soap because soap gets soggy and often ends up very unappealing for many. The sogginess of soap after multiple uses can create a coating of germs left over during the last wash. With antibacterial hand wash, all you have to do is load it into the dispenser and whoever is using the restroom or the kitchen quickly gets a drop or two on the hand before and after use leaving, which gives everyone peace of mind of a fresh wash every time.

The Antibacterial Handwash Shinex is ideal because it fights germs in bacteria, smells good, and is gentle on the skin. Because it comes in large quantities, it can be used numerous times to refill your dispenser, which is cost-effective and convenient.

Benefits of Antibacterial Hand wash
  • Smells good, so it won’t be an off-putting or strong scent that many people don't like when it comes to antibacterial products
  • Has an active ingredient that fights and kills common germs and bacteria found in public and common places
  • Moisturises hands to help prevent dryness after use.

Product Specs:
  • 5 Litre Antibacterial hand wash
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • Pearl Liquid
  • Leaving hands soft and clean
Ideal for hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, public toilets, etc.
Antibacterial Hand Wash Shinax

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