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Certain industries, such as the food industry, cannot risk employees having their hair fall into the products they’re producing. Such an occurrence stands to create much financial loss and a bad reputation, which is why headgear is a mandatory requirement. But headgear, like all other safety apparel, must be somewhat comfortable, so workers find it bearable to wear throughout the day.

This is where disposable bouffant caps come in handy. Bouffant caps are comfortable, convenient, reliable, and effective in ensuring workers’ hair remains out of sight. Trust TMS Packaging to provide you with high-quality disposable bouffant caps; we have partnered with the best manufacturers to ensure that we offer excellent products.

Benefits of using disposable bouffant caps
-They are cost-effective.
-They are comfortable
-They are lightweight
-They help workers be more efficient at work

Product Specs:

  • QTY: 1,000 Per Box
  • Blue Bouffant Cap Disposable (not crimped)
  • 100% Lint - free non-woven material - disposable, environmentally-friendly, breathable, comfortable, lightweight
  • It fits all head sizes, which will prevent the hair from falling (used in many different industries)
Bouffant Cap Disposable (not crimped) (Sold Per Carton)

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