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For a long time, leather gloves were the most often used protective gloves. The multiple benefits of leather gloves and their ease of availability are the most valuable and crucial reasons for their appeal. Although there are several easily accessible material gloves for the same purpose, leather gloves are currently the recommended alternative.

Leather is a tough and adaptable material. The animal fibre found in leather and the tanning process are essential factors in leather gloves' exclusive benefits. It is also available in a variety of qualities.

Benefits of leather gloves:

They help prevent chemical burns.
You must supply your employees with high-quality safety items to provide them with a safe and healthy working environment. Because some personnel are required to work with hazardous chemicals daily, an unintentional leak might result in severe burns. Workers who wear leather gloves do not have to worry about unpleasant chemical leaks.

They help prevent accidents.
Accidents at industrial work sites are severe and can result in losing fingers or hands. Welder gloves leather is one of the most commonly used safety gloves to protect employees' hands.

They protect hands from temperature changes.
Working at a factory is a challenging task. There is a constant temperature shift, making working difficult for the personnel. If you want your staff to keep up with environmental changes while protecting their hands from rapid temperature swings, they should wear heat-resistant leather gloves.

Product Specs:
QTY: 12 Pairs Per Pack
One size fits all
Safety cuff and knuckle bar for added protection
Lightweight and economical

Candy Stripe Leather Glove (Sold Per Pack)

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