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Succesfully packing loads requires a lot of work, and sometimes it takes extra effort to ensure that loads have been adequately secured. Using a tensioner can come in handy, especially when securing a heavy load that requires steel strapping. TMS Packaging is your one-stop shop for all things packaging; we are dedicated to packaging and securing those packages as quickly and conveniently as possible. This is why the Sealless Steel Strapping Tensioner is available for tensioning and securing your loads far better than any other tool.

Benefits of using a strapping tensioner
-Helps give pallets and loads extra security
-Makes pallet strapping easier and quicker
-Reduces risk of injury from trying to add tension using bare hands
-Increases productivity because it is portable and allows movement from one load to the other

Product Specs:
CH47 19mm Sealless Steel Tensioner
Sealless Steel Strapping Tensioner

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