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Regarding quality disposable gloves, nitrile gloves are popular due to their safety benefits. Many industries choose these disposable gloves because they know the scientific steps taken to make them a dream when protecting workers. TMS Packaging offers high-quality disposable nitrile gloves that provide reliable, adequate, and satisfactory protection.

Benefits of using disposable nitrile gloves
-They are highly puncture resistant compared to latex gloves
-Nitrile gloves provide a much stronger barrier of protection and chemical resistance
-They are ideal for people with latex allergies because they are latex free
-They fit comfortably because they conform to the shape of the wearer's hands
-They have a low resistance to friction

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 100 Gloves Per Box
  • Made from quality PVC
  • Protection against work-safe hazards
  • Made for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Available in Blue & Black
Disposable Nitrile Glove Powder Free

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