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Handling and dealing with flammable gas can be pretty dangerous even photos training. If your business deals with flammable gas, you must have proper labelling, especially in transit.

Without adequate handling, flammable gas could lead to primary hazards such as fire, and explosions are the most common hazards associated with flammable gas, oxygen, and other oxidising gases. Flammable gases can be ignited by static electricity or a heat source.

It is crucial to label flammable gas accurately to avoid unnecessary and possibly dangerous accidents during handling. The flammable gas two labels will help accurately and efficiently mark the product and protect many people in the long run.

Product Specs
  • QTY: 500 to 1,000 Labels Per Roll
  • Flammable Gas 2 Adhesive Paper
  • It helps identify hazardous cartons
Flammable Gas 2

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