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Hot melt glue sticks are often stronger than water-based adhesives, making them a dependable bind in the manufacturing industry. Hot melt glue sticks have a far longer shelf life than other adhesives and may be stored longer. They are also quick-drying, can generate tamper-resistant seals, are affordable, can be blended with colours to blend with packaging and have many more benefits.

Product Specs:

Sold per pack of 1kg
QTY: 1kg/pack 25pack/ctn

The hot melt glue stick is made of resin material, with high transparency, non-toxic and harmless; you can use this hot melt glue stick confidently.
Provides long-lasting bond and long shelf-life
It will not leave bad marks when pasted with the hot melt glue stick
Hot glue sticks are suitable for sticking to all kinds of DIY projects, cardboard, wood, metal, paper, glass, plastic, etc.
Hot Melt Glue Sticks

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