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Protective gear does not end with things people wear; sometimes, people get hurt regardless of wearing their full gear. The human body is a wonder; from headaches to muscle aches, specific injuries get activated just from strenuous activity. In industries requiring heavy lifting or long periods of manual labour, people are prone to these injuries and discomforts.

This is why business owners and people who work in workshops or warehouses should invest in having Icy Poles on demand. Icy Poles are ideal for relieving ailments such as muscle aches and help keep workers cool if exposed to too much heat during the day.
The bonus is they are a pretty tasty treat too. Trust TMS Packaging to provide you with a variety of Icy Poles for your workers. Get a pack with mixed flavours; this way, everyone can choose what works for them. Keep yourself and your workers in good physical and mental condition for optimal productivity.

Product Specs:
  • QTY: 10 Per Pack (15 Packs Per Carton)
  • Icy Poles help maintain mind and body function
  • It helps relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms
Icy Poles Mixed Flavours

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