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Duct tape is a go-to packaging accessory for packaging. Still, this accessory goes beyond ensuring that your boxes are correctly sealed because it can be used in numerous ways, from the office to the warehouse and even at home.

There are numerous uses for duct tape, making it a versatile packaging accessory. Some of these uses include the following:

It can remove sticker residue

Due to its incredible stickiness, duct tape can remove stubborn adhesive leftovers. It can be especially effective on glass, such as a car window.

The best way to use duct tape in this manner is by placing a piece of the tape over the required spot, rubbing it a few times, and then just peeling the residue away.

Remember that you will be required to do this several times to get the effective and desired result. Once the residue has been removed, simply wash the spot with a window cleaner.

It can help with opening a stuck lid

Nothing is more irritating than grabbing a snack while struggling to open the jar that holds your desired snack.

Surprisingly enough, duct tape can help you with that if you find yourself struggling to open, maybe a pickle jar because the lid is entirely stuck; just use a strip of duct tape to add that extra something to help open your jar. This trick is perfect for the office or at home.

It can lift away pet hair

Pet owners know the stress of shedding fur babies can take its toll, especially when you find fit in places you don’t want to. Luckily duct tape is a reliable ally in removing pet hair.

It can seal cracked plastic

Garbage and storage bins tend to last longer when patched up with duct tape if cracked. So if your garbage bin storage bin gets a small crack, worry, not because duct tape is a cost-effective way to continue using both without needing a replacement.

It is ideal for sealing boxes

Duct tape is popularly used for sealing boxes. Whether it’s full movie or delivery purposes, you can use duct tape to seal boxes and even plastic bags to ensure that products and items do not spill out.

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