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Black machine stretch wrap is a popular type of stretch wrap that has many benefits for businesses that need to ship and store products on pallets. One of the main advantages is that stretch-wrapped loads are safer, which reduces the chances of shipment damage. Additionally, UVI stretch films can shield objects from harmful UV rays when kept outside.

Another benefit of black machine stretch wrap is that it is sturdy and opaque, which means that it can hide the contents of the load and lessen the chances of theft. Stretch films also help to keep products clean and free from dirt, moisture, and dust, which is especially important for businesses that need to maintain high standards of hygiene.

Compared to other unitising techniques like strapping, corrugated boxes, or heat shrink film, black machine stretch wrap is more affordable. This makes it an ideal option for businesses that are looking to reduce their costs without sacrificing quality. Additionally, stretch wrap equipment is generally less expensive than comparable alternatives like shrink wrap and strapping equipment.

Product Specs:
14kg Roll
Dimensions: 500mm x 1320m x 23um
Black Machine Stretchwrap
Helps secure pallets and cartons
It can be used with automation and semi-automatic stretch-wrapping machines.
It helps protect against UV degradation
Australian Made

Black Machine Stretchwrap 14kg Roll

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