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Regarding packaging, corrugated boxes are the poster child of secure and efficient packaging, especially when we examine heavy parcels that must be carefully transported.
But what if another method was used for a successful packaging and delivery experience? This is where Tuff mailing bags come in.
However, many may look at them and think these packaging products are a saving grace for numerous reasons.

Why should you use Tuff mailing bags?

They are lightweight.
Whether you package things frequently or rarely, your packaging choices must be economical. Extremely lightweight polythene mailing bags have been shown to scale back postal costs.
This benefits your finances, and if you run a business, it enhances the likelihood that customers will return.
Reduce shipment expenses, and your company will gain because one of the biggest causes of mid-transaction client abandonment is high delivery fees.

Prevents water damage.
Whether you are a corporation or an independent trader, your customers will desire to receive their goods completely undamaged and unmarked, and permeable packing will always pose a risk.
The polythene mailing bag is one of the better options for packing and shipping your items because of its waterproof capabilities.
Some specialised postal bags provide up to three layers of defence, nearly waterproofing the bag.

Environmentally friendly.
Finding bags manufactured from recycled plastic should be easy. Polythene bags are 100% recyclable, contrary to what some individuals claim, making them a sustainable packaging solution.
Additionally, a reputable supplier will work hard to minimise their environmental impact across the supply chain, from manufacturing to disposal.

They are versatile.
There are no two similar businesses or delivery requirements. Vendors offer high-quality, reasonably priced products in various colours, sizes, and unique features.
Some vendors also provide customised printing, enabling you to add a distinctive touch to your mailing designs and incorporate marketing messages. This is beneficial for repeat business.

There are several reasons why mailing bags are a preferable alternative to the more conventional box packaging for delivery.
If you take it into account for your delivery, you could lessen the environmental impact of your business, boost client retention, and save money.

Product Specs:
QTY: 100 to 300 Per Carton
Designed for product protection
Mailing envelopes ideal for non-fragile items
Mail-Tuff Mailing (Sold Per Carton)

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