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The best protection against eye damage is wearing safety glasses. They not only safeguard your eyes while you're at work, but they also significantly impact your eyes' long-term health.
More than 40% of eye injuries at work happen to mechanics, carpenters, and plumbers; flying items bring on more than 70%. Simply wearing safety eyewear at work can help you avoid potential risks.

Reasons To Wear Safety Glasses

1. Prevent Damage
Many industries have hazardous air pollutants or chemicals (wood, dust, dirt, etc.) that can irritate and permanently harm your eyes. Safety glasses can help shield against these particles.

2. They provide UV Protection
Working outside for a prolonged time can expose you to much UV light, harming your eyes. You should always wear safety glasses to give your eyes the best possible defence.

3. They help you Avoid Accidents
Safety glasses can shield your eyes from harmful substances such as chemical droplets, oil, grease, and fumes. We naturally tend to wipe and rub our eyes when inflamed.
You run the risk of wiping toxins off your hands into your eyes, which could result in irreparable harm, such as blindness.

Product Specs:
QTY: 10 Pairs Per Box
High-durable over-glasses and goggles are scratch resistant for indoor electrical, landscaping, warehousing, gardening, electrical, drilling, etc.
Lightweight eyewear and easily fits over prescription glasses
You will have clear vision while working in extreme conditions
Long-time protection for your eyes
Adjustable Side Arms
Overspec Safety Glasses Master Clear Lens

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