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Because of its low weight, excellent thermal insulation, and adaptability to custom moulding, polyfoam has long been recognised as the ideal material for packaging. Expanded polyfoam is the perfect low-cost, lightweight packaging material, making it an affordable way to carry and pack products. The price of packaging and shipping goods has dramatically decreased because of the usage of polyfoam in packaging. This is because traditional packing materials like cardboard, wood, straw, and cork need much more energy to make and transport than Polyfoam.

Benefits of Polyfoam packaging:
-Produce is shielded from temperature variations by superior insulation.
-Dimensional stability and recovery are also provided.
-Resistant to bacterial development
-More appealing to clients physically
-Easier to handle
-Resistant to bacterial development

Product Specs:
Helps protect a range of products
All-purpose packaging foam on a roll


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