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Serrated seals are the finishing touch to adequate and efficient strapping. They are designed to optimise the strapping performance by creating an optimum seal joint through their serrated inner face that provides advanced grip.

TMS Packaging offers high-quality PET-serrated seals that provide superior grip, ensuring that your pallets are held tightly and safely together without the high chance of toppling over or getting damaged.

Types of seals

Serrated SealsSerrated seals are designed for PET and PP smooth straps. The unique serrated design provides an excellent gripping performance which makes way for seals in both regular and heavy-duty applications.

Open seals

Open seals are primarily used for polypropylene applications. They are made of thin metal, and because of the embossed surface of the straps seal, they do not need a serrated design.

Closed Seals

These are used for steel straps; the thick metal and extended seal lengths provide high-quality performance for heavy loads

Product Specs

  • QTY: 1,000 Per Carton
  • Serrated seals are made to be used for polyester strapping
  • They can be used with a manual tensioner and sealer
  • Available in 12mm & 16mm

PET Serrated Seals (Sold Per Carton)

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