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Safety gloves are an essential accessory if you work in an industry that requires using your hands, like the construction industry. These gloves protect your fingers and hands from various injuries, such as cards, abrasions, chemical exposure, and the possibility of electric shock.

Hand injuries threaten your livelihood and that of your employees if you are a business owner because they result in more days away from work, which can negatively impact productivity.

Hand gloves for under what is referred to as PPE equipment. PPE equipment is loosely defined as personal protective equipment. It is an umbrella term that applies to all-week safety equipment such as hard hats, fall prevention harnesses, safety glasses, high visibility clothing, hand protection gloves, and more.

How to choose the suitable gloves

Choosing suitable gloves for the kind of work that will be needed is crucial. Riggamate gloves are an excellent choice because they are designed to be comfortable, breathable, and practical, which makes them a reliable accessory for those in various industries that require the use of safety gloves.

There are ways in which one can guarantee that suitable gloves are chosen, which are the following:

  • Consider your field of work or the sector your employees will need the gloves for
  • Find out the durability of the gloves, so you know how well they will protect the hands of those who use them
  • Make sure that the gloves are a good fit, comfortable, have good touch sensitivity, and will not reduce the worker’s skill
  • Consider the cost as well, with the mental note that losing an employee due to hand injury is more costly than providing high-quality gloves to prevent such incidents

Product Specs:

  • Sold per pair minimum order 12 pairs
  • Ideal for general purpose
  • Breathable gloves
  • They can be washed and reused without any impact
Riggamate Glove Black

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