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Safety apparel is not meant only for the wearer but also for those who may encounter them. Such apparel that successfully protects the wearer from harm caused by someone else due to not noticing them is a velcro safety vest. Velcro safety vests are designed to make a person completely visible to everyone around them, especially in high-risk work environments such as construction sites, warehouses, roadworks, etc.

Benefits of a Velcro Safety Vest

Provides Personnel safety.
If your work environment is prone to darkness, chances are accidents will occur because workers cannot see each other very well. Velcro safety vests help your workers see each other in situations that make it difficult to do so.

They are easy to wear.
Unlike other safety apparel, velcro safety vests are easy to wear and remove because they are designed like jackets.

They benefit employees.
Employees need p[eace of mind when working in high-risk jobs. Velcro safety vests offer that peace of mind which helps employees' productivity because reduced fear of getting harmed means people can work in harmony.
Also, they help you avoid injuries at work that can lead to loss of money.

Product Specs:
  • Sold Individually
  • 100% Polyester high visibility reflective material, breathable and washable
  • Velcro closure
  • For day and night use
  • Ideal for civil construction, traffic management, warehousing, pedestrian crossing baggage handling, security and road maintenance
  • Available in Yellow, Orange & Pink
Velcro Safety Vest

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