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Every factory or workshop needs a spill kit. Spill kits help with keeping this work environment clean and hazard free. A spill can negatively impact your business because anyone can slip, fall, and hurt themselves. This is an unnecessary and avoidable event that can be prevented with a spill kit. Industries dealing with chemicals need spill kits to ensure employee safety, as some chemicals can be harmful even through simple inhalation. Keep your factory or workshop safe and clean with a high-quality spill kit from TMS packaging. Rather be safe than sorry!

What is the most effective way to use a spill kit?

Secure the area

Ensure that the area is free from people that could get hurt by the chemical spill. Make sure that there are no sources of ignition and that there are no incompatible substances from the spill site.

Assess the impact of the spill

If the chemical spill is minor, then rest assured your in-house team can take care of it with your spill kit. But if it is major, you might require emergency procedures and must notify local emergency services and the appropriate authorities.

Contain the spill

Staff should be advised to use booms and other containment measures to prevent the spill from spreading throughout the workplace or entering drainage or sewage systems.


Use the spill kit you purchased at TMS packaging to scoop, wipe, and clean up the chemical.

Product Specs:

  • Available in 120 & 240 Litre
  • Suitable for cleaning up non-aggressive liquids and chemicals, oil, and grease liquids.
  • Ideal use in factories and workshops

Spill Kit General Purpose

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