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Surgical masks have become crucial to protecting against viruses, bacteria, and other elements that threaten one’s health.
Disposable surgical masks are more reliable and highly recommended because they cannot be used again once used.

How to effectively use a surgical mask
-Ensure you've washed your hands and face correctly before using the mask.
-Do not use a mask with tears, holes or noticeable abrasions.
-Secure any bows/ ties at the base of your neck.
-The face mask must firmly and adequately cover the mouth, chin and nose.
-Aim for minimal touching of the mask during use.
-Do not reuse the mask.
-Clean your hands before removing the mask.
-Avoid touching the front of the mask; focus on untying the strings or lifting the bands.
-Properly dispose of your mask after use.
-Wash your hands after disposal.

Product Specs:
QTY: 50 Per Box
3-ply surgical face mask blue with earloops
single use only
suitable for standard surgical and procedural use

Surgical Face Mask

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