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General-purpose thinner cleans oil-based paint from tools, surfaces, and paintbrushes. However, General purpose thinner can be used in various ways to save you time and money.

Other ways to use General purpose thinners

If you've been painting with oil-based paint, you can use general-purpose thinner to clean your tools and equipment after you're done. To make the paint more manageable for sprayers, you can "thin" it with General purpose thinner.

It makes paint manageable and easier to remove
General-purpose thinner can be helpful when dealing with the tedious task of removing paint stains from clothing or surfaces. It makes the paint more manageable and decreases the chances of scrubbing, thus saving you from damaging your delicate surfaces or throwing away your clothes due to stubborn stains.

Product Specs:
20 Litre M
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Ideal for removing paint spots and cleaning spray guns, paint brushes etc.
Thinners - Multi Purpose

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