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Tissue paper is a very versatile packaging accessory. It can be used anywhere from the office to home and is ideal for keeping things exciting cost-effectively. Whether you are into DIY or not, you are guaranteed to find a use for tissue paper that is both exciting and creative.

TMS packaging offers high-quality tissue paper you can use the way you want. We have partnered with the best manufacturers to produce perfect quality with every sheet.

Exciting ways to use tissue paper

It makes good table decorations.

Using tissue paper, you can make dinner parties at your house and move files with attractive table decorations. Decorate your dining table with tissue paper by simply crafting and designing the look you want. Since tissue paper is primarily rectangular or square-shaped, it can easily be customised and crafted into pretty much anything.

It makes a great bookmark.

If you enjoy reading but always find yourself getting the last page that you are on tissue paper is a cost-effective way to own a lovely bookmark. Bookmarks are often pricey and do not allow for customisation of any sort because whatever design you find is the one that you will be stuck with until you buy a new bookmark. But with tissue paper, the options are limitless. You can craft tissue paper designs that best suits you and place them between the pages you’ve been reading. The added benefit of using tissue paper as a bookmark is that it is so thin it’s unlikely to crease or bend your pages.

It's ideal for dividing your clothes into sections

Nothing is more frustrating than packing a suitcase for a trip to discover your clothes are entirely wrinkled because they were packed together. You can use tissue paper to section your clothes, ensuring they don’t rub against each other. Also, if you have only one suitcase for your clothes and shoes, tissue paper is ideal for covering your shoes to prevent them from getting your clothes dirty.

Product Specs:

  • QTY:1,000 Sheets Per Box
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 450mm
  • Ideal for wrapping gifts and can be used as a decoration
  • Colour will not transfer onto the wrapped items
  • Available in Black & White
Tissue Paper

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